Called to Serve...

Elder Broderick "Brock" Grimshaw
Elder Brock Grimshaw has been called to serve as a missionary for 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
He will labor in the Jacksonville, Florida Mission 
which includes the coast of Georgia & South Carolina. 
Brock will enter the MTC 12-12-12

Universal Studios 2012


Universal Studios California~2012

BumbleBee, Jaeli, Brock and Devan

Jaeli and Dora!

 Check out those guns!


"...more than meets the eye"

Jaeli's first dance recital~ Spring 2012

Prima Ballerina! 

                                                   Jaeli loves dance!!! She's a natural!!!

Brock Graduates High School~2012

                                                    Class of 2012~Stansbury High School

These are a few of my favorite things...2011


Devan (10) ~ Brock (18) ~ Jaeli (4)

NaNa and Jaeli in Hawaii

DJ and Brock in Hawaii

Daddy's girl

Hawaii 2011

We were invited to go camping, yes I said, camping, in Hawaii. We went with our friend Kawehi who is from Laie, Oahu on the North Shore. He works with Kelly. We camped on the beach for 6 days with Kawehi and his family and his ward. It was a blast!
We felt very welcomed and loved from the beginning.

The first night we stayed in a hotel on Wakkii Beach and then Kawehi picked us up and took us to the other side of the island to camp. Laie, Oahu. (I have no idea why this is underlined. I can't get it to go away. LOL!

We met many new friends in Hawaii.
NaNa and Jaeli

Jaeli loved all the beautiful flowers. She wouldn't leave them alone. ;)

Devan a natural surfer and Polynesian.

Jaeli wanted to be in the water the whole time.

Surfer Brock

Doesn't Devan look like a natural?

Kawehi and Jaeli diggin' in the sand.

You go girl!
Jaeli loved boogie boarding.


Brock was the main attraction for the girls.
The little girls. (Kawehi's nieces) They all took to Brock like bees on honey.
Brock loved these kids and we both agreed we wanted to take them home with us. They are such cute little girls.

Brock and NaNa

I love this picture! So sweet!

NaNa and DJ with Brock

Waimea Bay~My fav! Beach! So beautiful!
Misi, Devan and Jaeli

The girls loved each other. Holding hands. :)

Brock jumpin' off the rock. WhooHoo!
Brock, Devan and Kelly all cliff jumped.

Jaeli=Beach girl

All tuckered out!
Misi and Jaeli after a day at the beach.

The Best kids EVER!!!


Our beautiful, sweet, witty, smart, funny, healthy, happy,
The apple's of our eyes.

Devan, Brock and Jaeli~Fall 2011

At the zoo...funny faces

3 Bears in the bed and the little one said, "Roll over, roll over."

Easter Sunday 2011